Delegate Message

Dear Delegate,

Offsite, modular construction strategies are gaining market share at an accelerating pace, providing owners with lower costs, and faster options for delivering new projects. The “Offsite Construction and Modularisation Symposium “is designed to provide you with a snapshot of the cutting edge of modular building design, component manufacturing, and construction techniques and help stimulate a dialogue among stakeholders to the modular/offsite process.

At this Symposium you will meet owners who envision modular as a solution to the increasing costs of construction and construction managers looking to modular to help address the very serious problem of a rapidly shrinking pool of craftsmen. You will also have the opportunity to discuss cutting edge design and manufacturing approaches, plus technologies such as 3D Printing, which can truly transform modular construction to dramatically increase its speed, precision, and quality.


Spinola Dube

Research Project Manager

“Manufacturing building components off-site provides for more controlled conditions and allows for improved quality and precision in the fabrication of the component”.

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